When I was a teenager, Battlezone was all the rage. This arcade and early console classic put you in the seat of a tank, and your task was simple: Navigate through the landscape, and take out the enemy tanks coming your way.Tanks! both upgrades and enhances the Battlezone experience right on your Android phone. Gone are the flat, gray vector graphics. In their place are neon-colored replacements, rendered in front of a modern background of mountains and skyline, which add critical depth of field and a feeling of motion to the action.

Add in a healthy supply of aerial baddies (helicopters) and tons of enemy tanks, and you’ll be shooting your way through this battlezone with reckless abandon. Be sure to try both control schemes. The standard mode is harder to wrap your brain around, but does offer superior control once you climb the learning curve and gain some experience.

Pro Tip: Rapidly tap the screen to fire lots of bullets at once (unlike the original, continual rapid fire is encouraged), and be sure to lead your targets. The helis and tanks tend to move, a lot, and you’ll need to fire your bullets just ahead of them to score solid hits.

How many bogeys can you take out? Tanks! is the first must-have tank battle game for your phone that takes the Battlezone experience to the next level.