From the looks of it, Download or new Android app!

The video quality’s not exceptional, but it is decent. I was mostly impressed with it’s ability to do it’s job effectively, without any kind of freezing or jumping. The audio on the other hand, could use some improvements. I found that regardless of how high I set the volume, my calls would be irritatingly quiet. I was able to get past this issue by plugging in my earbuds. What I did appreciate, though, is that I didn’t experience any irritating audio malfunctions — no one sounded like a stuttering robot.

Tango’s design is polished-looking, and its layout is straight to the point. The icons speak for themselves, so much so, that I’m confident a child could figure out how Tango works.

If you play with you’re phone’s settings, you’ll be able to make calls using local Wi-Fi signals, instead of using any of your phone’s data plan. You also won’t use any phone minutes, meaning that every single call you make is free.

One complaint I have about this app, though, is that it drained my phone’s battery pretty quickly. I suggest you either keep your phone plugged in during longer calls or keep your conversations short.

I can see Tango becoming one of my more useful applications. It’s the perfect way to easily connect and catch up with my friends and family who live on the other side of the country.

Regular Skype users should definitely try this one. Until Skype gets it together with an update, this might be the best video chatting app in the marketplace. Because it’s free, it’s definitely worth checking out.