It’s not uncommon these days to see an Android app released alongside a movie debut, especially one as talked about as Ted starring Mark Wahlberg. The whimsical take on a childhood best friend has landed in Google Play as a highly interactive soundboard app. Google’s still relishing in the limelight after a successful I/O developer conference last week, making their recently launched Analytics app all the more relevant. Klip’s Video Sharing app also made waves, hoping to replicate the success it discovered on iOS.

Putting a data-driven spin on Foursquare-like check-ins, Grafetee lets you bookmark real world places from the web to your phone. Leave geo-tagged notes and find nearby content from a variety of sources like Wikipedia, other Grafetee users, and even Foursquare itself. It’s especially helpful for travelers or those ready to explore their surroundings. With a bookmarklet for the web and Facebook integration, Grafetee is an easy app to use. There’s support for photo-sharing along with your notes, and private feeds for select location-related content sharing.