Hear those sleigh bells? Probably not over the sound of Talking Santa, the famous holiday character from Outfit7. He’s got a new friend in town, full of mischief and mayhem to lighten up this holiday season. Personal cloud and productivity apps are also on the rise this week, with the new PocketCloud Explore app from Wyse and the Personal app to manage your data.

Always tweaking its Android app, WordPress beefs up its blogging service for all Android tablets. Also new to the 2.0 version is an editor for rich text and enhanced multimedia support, along with a dashboard and Quick Action bar for faster updates to your content. The updated media support means you can get more creative with your entries, while the dashboard and Action Bar offer one-tap access to pretty much anything you need to do for your blog. With competition on the rise from Tumblr and other mobile-specific blogging apps, WordPress is hoping to stay ahead with steady updates that mimic the PC/Mac experience.