ElectionCaster is my favorite type of app – an aggregator. It’s not repurposing the content of just one web site into app form, it’s actually pulling content from many sources into a single app. With ElectionCaster, you get blogs, tweets, poll results and news from the right, left and center of the political spectrum.

The app is easy to navigate. Touchable tabs across the top take you from National, to Local, Blogs and Polls. Within each category, you can flick between sections for right, left and center perspectives. Long press on a story, and you can share it with friends over Facebook and Twitter, mark it as read, or save it to a favorites list.

I was impressed by the diversity of source material – including FOX News, New Republic, Slate, Bloomberg, the Guardian, CNN, FactCheck.org and more, as well as columnists from the far right and far left. It’s fascinating to see the sheer amount of political discussion going on out there, particularly if you’re used to reading from just a few outlets for news.

I found myself amused and sometimes shocked by the tweets and blogs, but it was fun to forward them, and get a rise out of my friends and family. ElectionCaster is a perfect app for the stormy political season coming our way.