The enemy is protected by energy shields that prevent you from dropping troops near them, so you’ll have to pick the best spot to deploy troops outside of the shield for the best angle of attack. Placement and timing is key, as many of the enemy soldiers have explosive weapons, so grouping all your troops together can be disastrous. If you are able to destroy the shield generators you can drop troops anywhere in that area, dealing damage to any enemies hit by the meteors. This makes the game more challenging and add additional strategy to it.

There are currently 4 aliens you can use while invading, 5 enemy military units, 41 levels including the final level in which you’ll assault the White House in order to capture Washington, and a leveling system that allows for unlimited upgrades to your army. Each level is tougher than the previous and includes new and stronger enemies. It has an addicting play style that will drive you to want to see what’s on the next level, and find out how strong you can get your troops. You’ll go from needing a handful of troops to beat the lower levels, to possibly being able to beat them with just 1 alien when your army becomes strong enough.

There is some repetition during the game, namely, you’ll need to beat some levels more than once to gain enough resources to upgrade your army and make it strong enough to advance. Meanwhile, you will gain insight into the best attack strategies to optimize your future attacks. It isn’t an extremely long game that will last months or years like some games in its genre, there are no frustrating hour or day wait times for something to upgrade. Everything upgrades instantly once you have collected the resources to pay for it, so there is no need to wait to play further while something is upgrading.


The game is built using the beautiful Unreal Engine 4 and features graphics and animations that are all 3D with high end models, textures and effects. There may be a little left to be desired from the music of the game, but the sound effects work well for small and large scale battles. The game is updated weekly at the moment; updates are focusing on adding more aliens and humans, more levels including boss levels. We have contacted the developer who told us that there are plans for a possible sequel where you will use Earths’ army to invade the Alien home world.

Overall, Alien Blitzkrieg is a fun and addicting game that will last at least a few days if you play frequently, and the fact that there is no wait time for upgrades makes for a much faster paced playing experience with no downtime. It is a great game for anyone who likes a challenging strategy or war games or aliens, and with levels as short as they are it is a fun way to pass some time during the day.