Ever wonder what’s happening under the hood of your Android device? upgraded version of SystemPanelLite adds historical data, providing even better insight on how your device is performing.

I already mentioned the “end all” button, which is an easy way of stopping all running apps. However, what if you just want to keep one app running and end all others? Ending all apps one-by-one is obviously time-consuming, but fortunately, SystemPanelLite has the solution: you can add apps to an exclusion list, which means the “end all” button will not stop that particular app.

So who would use this app? The average user? Perhaps not. The more-advanced user? Yes, sir! If you’re not into all this geeky stuff, just stick to allowing Android to manage memory and battery consumption. But, if you want to get your hands dirty, start off with this app, and see where it leads.