Daily Candy is known for its charming illustrations, witty insights and all-knowing ability to call out the trendiest events, happenings and openings all across America. Now, residents of, or visitors to, the Big Apple can get the DailyCandy Stylish Alerts app for Android. Essentially, it’s a notification system that pings you whenever you approach a cool restaurant, shop or entertainment venue in NYC that the chic and savoir-faire correspondents at Daily Candy think you should check out.

Since I’m a resident of the Second City, my stylish NYC alert box remains untouched. I use the app to catch up on the general weekend guide or Daily Candy deals of the week, which are good across the nation, while I wait for my grande latte. The stories aren’t stored in the app, though. The app is filled with simple quick links that pull up the web site in a browser window so it takes a while to download if you’re in a weak 3G spot.

I definitely plan on using this app on my next trip to NYC to ensure that I don’t miss out on the latest cool happenings around the boroughs. Until then, or until there’s a Windy City version, this app will remain mostly unused on my Droid X. And, I hope and pray to the gods of Daily Candy that it will update this app soon to include all the savvy stories from all the stellar cities it already covers.