If this week’s list had to have a theme, I’d say it’s “Making Life Easier.” Every app aims to make your life a less stress free or annoying by helping you hunt for jobs, keeping track of receipts, confessing your feelings to that special friend, and even helping you type faster and more accurately, as it is with our top app of the week Swype. Yes, a keyboard app is our top Android app of the week. It’s that cool.

Swype ($0.99)

I know it probably seems like I’ve gone off of my rocker for putting a simple keyboard app as the top app of the week, but this isn’t just a normal alternative keyboard app. The Swype Keyboard is jam-packed with cool features, uses a super smooth interface, and most importantly of all, it can measurably help you type faster and more accurately, and learns new words very easily. You can even go hands free and just dictate what should be typed with Dragon Dictations, which is way past cool. All that, plus multiple languages and cool themes, and you’ll never want to use a standard keyboard again!

Also on Android Apps

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Proven Job Search (Free)

Even before the economy of recent memory, job hunting has always proved to be an absurdly frustrating task for most. Without people to vouch for you or recommend you, it’s just so likely that your applications get lost in the ether with so many others. Proven Job Search is an award-winning way to make that process easier, and it lets you job hunt entirely from your own phone. Making it easier to create and manage resumes and the like, you can apply to tons of places easily and on the go, riding the bus, waiting in line at the bank, or wherever.

Cryptgram (Free)

Speaking of job hunting… apps like Cryptgram have become a necessity in the age of online, where everyone is connected all the time, and true privacy is harder than ever to attain. Essentially, it lets you share photos with very specific people in your network, on top of adding all sorts of limitations, like how many times they can view it and for how long. You can even blur certain parts out. If you don’t trust your own understanding of Facebook privacy settings, apps like these are a godsend. Because sometimes you just want to go nuts at a party and not worry about those risqué pictures ruining any future job hunts!

SlipperFits (Free)

SlipperFits is a really cute idea with a fun name, but it seems like the kind of thing that wouldn’t pay off all that well. Still, it makes for an interesting social experiment, and I found it novel enough to feature here. Essentially, the app lets you tag Facebook friends who you might like to be more than friends with, and then it sends a SlipperFits to 50 random friends, plus those you’ve tagged. If they download it and tag you back, you are both notified. Since it stays anonymous until both parties admit their feelings, so to speak, it can make that first hurdle of confessing that much easier. Sounds like fun!

ReceiptMatch from Amex (Free)

ReceiptMatch is a really cool idea that I’d like to see implemented on a larger scale, but for now, if you’re an American Express Business Card customer, this could be one of the handiest apps around. It lets you snap pictures of any and all notable receipts, even letting you cross reference them with corresponding charges in your billing statement, generally making things easier to manage. I’ve always been awful with keeping track of receipts, so something like this is amazing. You can even add notes and annotations to receipts, print them, or send them to your account via email.

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