If you’re on of those people who really liked Fruit Ninja but thought it would be so much better if you got to slice up living things, then SushiChop is definitely the game for you. It’s not as good as Fruit Ninja, though, as it has some annoying technical issues. Still, you could do worse than to play this game.

The goal of SushiChop is to slice up living sea animals that are thrown up in the air in order to make sushi rolls, meaning it’s like Fruit Ninja but with a story. It’s a bit more forgiving than Fruit Ninja, though: missing three fishies does not necessarily mean instant death.

It’s a good thing it’s more forgiving because it has a pair of technical goofs that might lead to some rage otherwise. Goof one: the game is simply not sensitive enough to your touch. You will slice, but it doesn’t always detect the slice correctly, leaving things that you sliced fully intact. Goof two: sometimes, the game throws the fish off the screen, making it impossible for you to slice them. This is rather ridiculous, considering I never saw that happen in Fruit Ninja.

SushiChop is a nice diversion for a few minutes, but it quickly becomes apparent that this Fruit Ninja clone is not as good as the real thing. It’s not terrible, but it suffers by comparison. Sorry Charlie, maybe updates will fix this in the future, but right now it’s sub-par.

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