Install the free app and then wait through the Super Bowl map download. This may take a few minutes but it only happens once. Once done, you’ll have a Super Bowl tour guide resident on your Android ready to show you the details of the stadium, the nearby NFL Experience expo, even downtown Dallas.

The maps provides cool fly-through 3D views of the whole area. Inside the stadium, you’ll be able to quickly locate your seat by section number, nearby restrooms, and all the bars and restaurants you can handle. Press the Exit Stadium button and you’re free to roam around Dallas.

The other major site in the city for this event is the NFL Experience – a multimedia extravaganza of Super Bowl shopping, vendor booths, press activity, and more restaurants. There’s also a practice field where fans could see players warming up during the days prior Sunday. The app provides the same 3D map of the NFL Experience and the city as you find in the stadium.

If you’re in town for a few days, search Dallas by categories like nightlife and restaurants to find a browsable list of venues. You can also search by event for local festivities planned around the big game.