Blogging, bookmarks and such

Launching a dual release on Android and the iPhone, StumbleUpon is serious about its mobile front. It’s a great way to keep up with your recommendations from your phone. The free app lets you share stumbles with StumbleUpon friends via email, Facebook or Twitter. There’s even a tab for the best sites to use from mobile devices, making good on its recommendation network as applied to mobile users.

TweetDeck will soon be on your phone desktop, as beta testing of the Android app continues. The inclusive Twitter app has updated the beta to include more notification options, the ability to share images from your phone gallery, and auto link-shortening.

Trillian has finally brought its IM aggregator to Android, with its first beta release. You’ll be glad to know it works on 1.6 or higher, and supports landscape mode. With the free app, you’ll be able to chat with AOL, Facebook, Jabber, Google Talk and Cerulean buddies, all from one tool.

WordPress has unleashed a ton of bug fixes for its Android app, to the relief of many mobile bloggers. The updates include Froyo optimization, and fixes for most crash scenarios. A new feature for the free WordPress app is for Comments, which now includes its text in your bar notifications.

Music media and more

Thumbplay’s recent update has kept it on top of the mobile music scene. Now supporting offline caching, Thumbplay’s Android app will keep you rocking on the plane or areas with low signals. Rdio, Grooveshark and MoodAgent have recently launched or updated their apps as well, making for a great selection in the Android market. A subscription to Thumbplay will cost you $9.99 per month.

Sirius Canada and XM Canada have launched an Android app, demonstrating their international growth. Access more than 100 satellite radio stations, accessible through the app with your existing subscription. There’s also premium programming available, including NFL Play by Play.

Flightview’s Android app has been updated, adding management tools for your travel itinerary and improved delay alerts and maps. The app also has a feature to conserve your phone’s battery life, because we all know how sparse outlets are in the airport. The full version of FlightView costs $1.99.