Currently, many fans of the app believe that Stringify is the underdog on the scene, capable of providing users with a broad variety of new ways to stay connected as a result of a market that is steeped in compatibility issues. Currently hardware hubs that Stringify supports are available with Samsung under their SmartThings line, and it also supports Wink, Insteon and Harmony Hubs. Through the way the SmartThings hub functions, individuals may be able to look forward to a greater degree of support, especially for devices that would otherwise not be available on the list.

In order to get started with the app itself, individuals do not need to jump through any hoops or make any other purchases for the future of their use. Once they set up their free account, which only involves creating a standard username and password and then following through with the email verification, the user is ready to go. For those who plan on using the app through SmartThings may also need to set up their own combination of a username and password, as there is peripheral device support available that is set up through a separate dedicated app, which improves security and connectivity before everything is integrated through Stringify. Further new service or device additions may need to run through SmartThings instead of Stringify before the option is available on both systems.

Once the account is set up, the user is ready to go. The usage itself is relatively simple and straightforward to learn as well. Individuals can look forward to a simple instructional video that helps individuals understand the basics available with the device. These include what Stringify does and how it is able to work. Though the introduction is helpful, it is basic at best, and it may leave individuals feeling as if they are lost looking for an introduction to more advanced options. Those who have worked with similar apps in the past may be able to figure out the app’s nuances, but many need to visit other websites and resources to figure out how to get their app to perform more complicated tasks.

Stringify functions through processes that are known as flows. The premise is relatively simple, and it just means that once one thing has been triggered, the code moves on to the next. This provide users with an infinite degree of customization based on the way their appliances are arranged. This inherent flexibility makes the app extremely advantageous and desirable for those who have a great deal going on that they want to optimize further. Through trial and error, users can adjust the flows any way they want, resulting in a very versatile degree of automation that can make it easier to establish a comfortable environment as desired.

The app is always being updated and new features frequently become available to provide users with an even more intuitive way to optimize their flows. For those who are interested in getting started with better home connectivity, Stringify can be very advantageous.

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