Yoga & meditation

Need help sleeping at night? Try the free Lightning Bug – Sleep Clock. The Android app offers sounds and visualizations designed to help you relax and get to sleep. Choose from rain, waves, white noise, storms and more. There’s also a sleep timer and custom settings. Developers, 1908 Media, offer several plug-in packs at 99 cents, for additional sound collections.

Relax with Andrew Johnson is part-motivation, part-hypnosis. Andrew Johnson lulls you into a calming trance with words of relaxation and positivity. For $2.99, the Reiki teacher will present de-stressing techniques that you can apply to your life beyond your Android.

Pocket Yoga is a handy instructional for various poses. Broken down into categories, positions are categorized by body part and therapy needs. Bookmark positions you like and create a list of your own workouts, making your Android a workout buddy. This yoga app is free.

The Meditation Helper is a timer app, setting the length of time you’d like to meditate. Free, this Android app is basic in function, but a helpful tool to keep you in the habit. Meditation Helper comes with a home screen widget keeping track of the number of consecutive days you’ve hit your target meditation time.

Nutrition & alternative health

Food & Nutrition is a mobile reference book, packed with information on a variety of foods. Pre-categorized into things like antioxidants, child nutrition, diabetic diet, etc., it’s easy to find the data you need. If you need to keep track of specialized diets, this free app is useful.

Medicinal Plants is a resource guide for alternative medicine. Covering supplements, known treatments and effects, and remedies, this free app offers all the basics of natural medicines, including their etymology, functions and more.

Nourish is a collection of health- and beauty-care tips, with spa treatments, alternative health suggestions and instructions for hair and nails. The free app includes photos and descriptions; there are filters for the various categories the app covers. Search for nearby locations to enjoy some of the spa treatments it recommends.