Strategically Conquering Battles with Vikings: War of Clans

Feb 8, 2017

Being in a time where intense competition is characterized by strategy, technology, and the application of skillful maneuvers, the ability to out-think ones enemy has never been more important. To emerge victorious in the field of battle, whether it be a field in the realm of business or games, strategizing and proper planning are of great importance and is crucial to ensure ones survival.

In the space of strategy games, for example, the ability to collect, maintain, and utilize resources is of significant importance to take advantage of the various constraints. If the enemy is able to do these tasks better than the player, it leaves them vulnerable to attacks, weaknesses, and ultimately losses.  In tying these concepts into a captivating game, Vikings: War of Clans by Plarium has been able to embody the notion of strategy to form a fun, yet strategically inclined environment.

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Uploaded by Plarium Games on 2016-05-10.

Focusing on developing the planning intelligence and strategic instincts of the player, War of Clans aims to test the players’ ability to gather resources, arm their forces, and defend from others attempting to conquer their clans. As opposed to other common games which require a lesser degree of strategic preparation, the victories and conquered enemies within War of Clans is a direct result of patience, discipline, and thoughtful maneuvers.  Featuring high-quality graphics, the game requires players to build palaces and collect resources. Once enough experience has been gained in this field, players then undergo several battles and wars in order to expand their presence. Although this notion of strategic gameplay may appear to be intimidating to those who are unfamiliar with such style of gaming, War of Clans eases the players into the strategic mindset by first starting out with simple battles that do not require as much strategic knowledge before advancing to the more complicated wars. Through this, players are able to gradually adapt to a more disciplined method of gameplay.

As an exciting and educative game revolving around strategy and conflict, War of Clans is able to provide a demanding environment that requires a significant amount of intellectual planning.

Although the game is able to provide a significant level of entertainment, the lack of social gameplay makes it one which limits the player to only their own world. While other strategy games based on war and conquering other lands involve other players as either allies or enemies, War of Clans is only based on a campaign-style story line which restricts interaction with other players. To counter this, the game is designed to be dynamic as to challenge the players in a way that is similar to how other players would in a social setting. With this, players of War of Clans are able to have new battles and challenges that keep them from becoming too accustomed to the gameplay.

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As an exciting and educative game revolving around strategy and conflict, War of Clans is able to provide a demanding environment that requires a significant amount of intellectual planning. Moving away from more common games which require fewer procedures and rigorous thought, the game is able to transition players from instantaneous decisions to slowing down and evaluating options in order to become victorious, making it perfect for those who are seeking to engage in a more challenging form of mobile gameplay. Vikings: War of Clans is available both on mobile and desktop.

Vikings: War of Clans
Vikings: War of Clans
Developer: Plarium LLC
Price: Free+
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