Twigo is a mobile call app which takes essentially the same layout as the one which your phone uses, making it easy to find your way around. Calls are free when ringing contacts who also own the app, but otherwise are charged at a rate dependent on yours and your recipient’s location. Topping up is simple: by selecting ‘Balance’ in ‘Settings’, the option of buying credits will be provided. These can be bought via the App Store, and uploaded immediately. You also have the option to transfer credit, should you need to do so. The app also acts as a message service too, and these also come at a cost. Finding a contact and calling or messaging them is made easier by the fact that the app grabs your contact list from your phone, and all will appear together. A 24 hour help-line ensures that you’re in safe hands, should you need it.

The rates charged by Twigo, especially for foreign calls, is exceptionally low. As examples, a local call – from the UK – costs $0.006 per minute, both to landlines and mobiles; with $5 credit, calls at this rate will last over thirteen hours. This is much cheaper than topping up pay-as-you-go with any British-based phone companies. Yet the best value for money is calling abroad; although rates of course vary, a call from the UK to Australia costs $0.015 per minute, meaning $5 equates to well over five hours of call time.

At the end of every call, you will receive a message notifying you of its length, how much it cost, as well as the amount of credit and potential call time you have left. It’s an easy way to keep you updated every time you use the service, to save you from running out of credit during your next conversation. Even during the call itself, Trigo will notify you of how much longer you have until your funds run out. These may seem like simple features, yet they all combine to make the app as user-friendly as possible.

Twigo does require internet connection from the caller’s end, so some may question why people wouldn’t use a video or instant messaging service instead. From a personal perspective, this writer recently returned from nine months of travelling, an adventure which would have been made much easier with an app such as this. It’s incredibly useful for those moments when you just need to call someone: anyone, anywhere.

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