Starlilie’s Must-haves!

Oct 29, 2010

I just recently got the HTC EVO after much research (I had a 2 page list of apps to download before I got the phone!) and these are the apps that I recommend having on your android.

Angry Birds

Obviously the most addicting game out there… THE PIGS MUST DIE!! lol


ASTRO File Manager

Really useful. There are no cons to this app. If you want to be able to access and modify the folders on your SD Card without having to plug it into your computer it’s a must-have!


Backgrounds HD Wallpapers

Exactly what it says it is. Easy way to make the best of your beautiful Android screen.


Beautiful Widgets Pro

If you want to customize your home page without actually downloading a home page program this is the way. Great options for Time and Weather. Simple, useful and easy to use.



Have friends that have an android or iphone? Easily share pics, contacts and apps with Bump. Plus it’s kinda fun!!



A very easy app used to transfer files from any computer to your phone. Have pictures on your laptop that you want to put on your phone, easy with Dropbox.


Handcent SMS

The best alternative text/sms app. It’s nice being able to customize everything, colors, fonts, notifications, etc! Plus you get the cute bubbles made famous by Iphone.


Folder Organizer lite

Just the best app to get the most of your phone. Organizes your apps into folders to shortcuts!


Kaloer Clock – Alarm Clock

Best alarm clock app I’ve found. It’s easy to set, easy to customize and has screensavers.


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