Mobile basketball games are amusing, but one that’s set in space is even more fun.

Everything that comes to mind when you think about space (or at least, what TV has taught us) — weightlessness, neon lights and futuristic mechanics — is center stage, and in your face, in this high-def game. What seals the deal, though, is the fact that the game runs smoothly, with hyper-accurate controls. The fact that the ball goes where you command it too is not to be taken for granted.

In Stardunk, the game is a bit more challenging because it’s about more than just making the basket. You’re also scored on how clearly you make the shot (the kind that makes the fantastic “swoosh” noise) and you’ll find that different balls give you different abilities with which you can earn even more points.

When the backboard lights up, the balls take on magical powers, which include stretching the hoop so it becomes wider and even turning your single ball into three separate ones.

Playing the game is simple. You just touch the screen to aim the arc of your basketball, and release when you’re ready to shoot. Gameplay is quick, with each round only lasting about two minutes, perfect for when your computer is restarting or you’re waiting for your turn to pay at the drive-through window.

If you get a little burnt out, or you’re just tired of playing by yourself, you can play with others online by flipping a switch. What’s especially great about this feature is that the multiplayer option is cross-platform, so there’s already an existing player base of the many thousands of people who enjoy this game on iOS too.

If you enjoy games set in space or basketball shooters, this is a must-have addition to your Android library.