Arguably the very best Texas Hold ’em poker app in the known Android universe, Live Hold’em Poker is your free gateway to virtual gambling addiction. Or at least a path to burn some perfectly good hours doing what many of us guys love to do – play poker with our friends!

Drop in and out of hundreds of available tables, day or night, connect with your Facebook and other social-media-networked friends, and even use your profile picture as your in-game avatar.

The gameplay is spot on, with well-rendered tables and cards, plus the icing on the cake: Feel free to navigate away from the app to get some work done. When it’s your turn, your phone will vibrate (be sure to turn this on!), and you can quick-switch back to your table.

Of course, this free app does come with a cost. That is, if you find yourself low on funds, the developers will be happy to cash in your real-world currency for some Dragon Gold.

Between us, if you’re spending money like this, you should strongly consider some help. Help learning the ins and outs of Texas Hold ’em, of course. In no time, you’ll be folding like a pro (that is, often!) and winning more hands than you’re losing.

Wow, double Aces! Let me get back to my hand, please…