Productivity is key with the free Springpad app for Android. A recent update brought stability improvements and smaller notebooks within the “My Notebooks” section. The best part is that the app developers really listened to feedback and will be implementing even more updates as you send feedback. So do not hesitate to share your opinions with the Springpad developers. Now that is productive!

Springpad is a friendly app that helps organize your life. It quite possibly knows more about you than your best friend. You can create an account and link up with one of your social media accounts, which always will help streamline the process for me. The next step is to start following some notebooks to get and save ideas. Create a recipe box, books to read, gadget wish list, notebooks, etc. If you need to log ideas on something, basically you can do it with this app. You never have to remember where that random note you made is, when you have the Springpad app for Android. The note is always right in the palm of your hand or in your pocket.

You can add photos, audio recordings and scan barcodes to your Springpad folders. You can also search locations for things to add to your folders. For example, search local restaurants for dishes you want to replicate and add them to your recipe box or your must-eat list. Scan a book barcode at the local bookstore to add to your must-read list so you can remember to buy it a later date. You name it and you can probably save it to the Springpad app. Now, go get springing!

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