Spring cleaning becomes selling courtesy of the EggDrop Android app

Mar 7, 2012

In the market for an NFL gnome, a new but used lawnmower, or a blow-up couch with built-in cup holder? You might just be in luck when you search for your most-wanted and needed items with the free EggDrop – Local Marketplace app for Android. If you aren’t having any luck finding what you want in the “Items for Sale” section, you can post what you are looking for in the “Wanted” section. Simply sign-in to the EggDrop app with Facebook or Twitter to start selling your unwanted items.

Adding an item for sale is so simple. You add a title, photo, price, category, description, current location and then post! No fee and no hassles. A handy profile page keeps track of buys, sells and even receipts. This marketplace app tracks “Your Karma” to rate your transactions with sellers and buyers so you can earn a good reputation within the EggDrop community.

It’s also really easy to browse through local items for sale. The EggDrop app immediately pulls recent activity up on the home page of the app. Previews of items show you how close the item is to you, include a photo, and a quick description. Full listings include a more in-depth description as well as the ability to ask questions of the seller, make an offer or favorite an item to view later.

This selling and buying Android app is so easy to use, you would be silly not to try it.

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Kate Currin

Kate Currin, a techie who loves apps as much as shoes, is a freelance writer living in Chicago.

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