Apr 23, 2011

Spring is here and it’s time to PARTY!

I’m on Spring Break Photo App

Just a bunch of spring break themed photo frames like Cancun, Vegas, Hawaii, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. Good for taunting the folks back home in the snow.


Spring Break Photo Disneyland

This is a lame app with Disneyland photo frames. Not even sure what it has to do with Spring Break unless your idea of Spring Break is going do Disneyland.


Pocket Salsa Free

This awesome free app will teach you to dance salsa in time for spring break! You can d/l salsa dance lesson videos, watch episodes of salsa TV, and it teaches you to listen for rhythm in different salsa so you can match the steps. Detailed instructions!


The Real Truth Or Dare

Spice up your spring break with inspiration from this free truth or dare app. Includes all sorts of truth questions and all sorts of dares.


Pandora® Radio

Take your favorite tunes with you on spring break! You can use Pandora to create spring break channel mixes in advance.


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