Music and video lovers

For all you music lovers keeping up with Spotify, the international service is being included as a song-purchasing option on the Shazam Android app. That’s the good news. Bad news? This feature is still not available for U.S. users, not even as a Trojan Horse for Shazam. UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain and all the other lucky countries with Spotify access can enjoy the new integration.

And for video junkies, we have an astounding record from YouTube Mobile, reaching 200 million video plays per day. That’s a lot of kitty clips. Along with the milestone announcement, YouTube revealed an app update, incorporating VEVO music videos in its Android app. With YouTube’s latest deal with the Hollywood studio Weinstein Co., it’s pretty obvious that Google (GOOG) is pushing a premium video experience.

NFC apps appear on Android

Android’s OS updates have introduced early NFC capabilities to the devices, and we’re already seeing the first developments appear on the Market. NFC World brings word of Taglet, a Japanese language NFC tag reader and sharing app, which works kind of like a QR code combined with a URL shortener. It pulls up all associated data on a tag, and can be associated with a given action, such as tweeting or sending data to a friend.

The second NFC app discussed is EnableTable, a US-developed app that lets restaurants give discount vouchers to customers when they pay their bill. It keeps the voucher in a mobile folder that contains their customer activity associated with that venue, adding a few personalized features to the concept of a brand loyalty program.