Spooky Sounds for Halloween

Oct 29, 2011

Here’s some spooky soundboards for Halloween!

Halloween Ringtone SMS Sounds

These Halloween sounds can be used as a ringtone, notification or as a soundboard. Sounds are spooky like a wolf howl or evil laugh – and also involve pop culture, like Freddy’s song, the Jaws theme, or the Psycho shower scene.


Halloween Sound Board

You can use these scary Halloween sounds as notifications, ringtones, or just as a sound board. Sounds like monster screams, horror laughs, and sad moans!


Scary Halloween Sounds

These sounds can also be used as ringtones or notifications and include clips from horror movies as well as sounds lie funeral marches, ghosts, and crows.


Spooky Sounds

This Halloween soundboard can be used as notifications or ringtones, and you can also scare your friends by setting a countdown timer, or motion detector that triggers the sounds.


Halloween Ringtones

This soundboard is can be used for ringtones or notifications and is great for kids because all the sounds are in icon form instead of written.


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