SoundTracking was a highly talked about app launch this past week, with a new take on music identification and sharing for the check-in happy. Local restaurant recommendation engine Alfred had a major launch this week, followed by an acquisition deal with Google. YouSendIt’s also making waves with a big cloud push on Android’s platform, while Microsoft promotes its own ideas on mobile collaboration with the launch of its Lync app for Android.

Clingle wants to make check-ins more visual with video. The idea is to attach live video to your local check-ins, making a more engaging experience for you and your friends. These multimedia check-ins aren’t limited to video. Feel free to attach an audio file or an image, layering in as much context as you’d like for a given locale. The idea is to capture your experiences in real time, sharing a public check-in or with a private group. On the flip side, Clingle is a discovery tool for finding local points of interest, with the added benefit of seeing firsthand what the place is all about. Similar to Foursqare, you can earn points and badges, to be redeemed for real prizes. Clingle has a global presence, so there’s an appeal for travelers too.