Feel like sharing? It’s pretty easy to do these days and if you want to broadcast your musical moments, SoundTracking makes it simple. It leaves the heavy lifting to the existing social networks Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, but it cleverly lets everyone hear your musical posts.

Upon launch, you must log-in with an existing Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare account or create an account with one of these social services, so don’t use SoundTracking if you’re shy. Then, find a song that describes your mood either by using the Music ID feature to identify the song playing near you or Music Search to select a track in your mind. I found both options useful. Music ID successfully identified several songs playing on my radio, and I couldn’t stump Music Search with ancient tracks like “Que Sera Sera” by Doris Day.

Once you’ve picked a tune, you can add a photo (otherwise the post will include the album cover), description, geo-location and post it. It’s fast and easy. Anyone who sees your post can click on it to hear a 30-second-or-so snippet. As an added bonus, if they’re using Rdio or Spotify, they can hear the entire track or click through to iTunes to buy it.

My favorite part of the app is the Trending Posts section that shows other SoundTracking users and their music posts. You can Like or Love the posts with a tap or comment, and of course read the comments of others. I used this as a discovery tool, and found several interesting new tracks. When someone Likes, Loves or comments on your posts, you’ll see it in a Notification section.

Don’t let anyone else compose the soundtrack of your life, use SoundTracking and do it yourself!