Soothing Ocean Sounds

Oct 1, 2011

These apps are the best Android has to offer for ocean sounds. Great if, like me, your neighbors are involved in perpetual construction. :/

3D Ocean Sounds

These are a variety of ocean sounds that can be used as notifications and ringtones.


Ocean Sounds Ringtones

This app contains a variety of ocean sounds that you can play with your phone and also set as ringtones. High quality recordings, relaxing. đŸ™‚


Ocean Sleeper Sound

This app allows you to play the sound of an ocean for a specified time (so you can fall asleep to it but not drain your battery). Also you can d/l other sounds if waves aren’t enough for you.


Relax and Sleep

A variety of soothing sounds including ocean. It lets you mix ocean sounds with other sounds and also set to a timer.


Nature Sounds

Great app with high quality nature sounds including ocean waves (or ocean waves with delta binaural beats!).


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