A nice little niche has been established in the mobile world by games that let us compete directly against our friends while not forcing us to look at our phone right this minute all the time. Words With Friends and Draw Something are the most notable, but newcomer . You can play against random people, or you can attack folks with whom you’re Facebook friends. SongPop probably hasn’t penetrated enough for you to play against your real friends that often, though: only one of my friends had the app.

The app is very fun, and I don’t just say that because I win 90 percent of the time. Or maybe that is why I like it. But there’s a downside to playing it a lot. If you choose a particular category more than a handful of times, you’ll start to hear repeats. The song selection doesn’t seem particularly large here. So, you’ll be best served by only playing a couple of rounds a day or making sure you try to choose a different category every time. In theory, the song selection will grow as the game becomes more popular, or so we can hope.

SongPop is a nice diversion. It’s not something pull play obsessively, but it should keep you occupied when you’ve got a few minutes of downtime here and there. Just be sure you play with headphones if you’re using the app on the bus or something.

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