Songify converts words users speak into their phones into songs using the app’s ‘auto-tune’ capabilities. Love or hate that ‘auto-tune’ sound, it’s here to stay and has already found its way into popular music over the past few years as well as numerous viral video Internet memes.

Smule has been somewhat trepidatious about porting their apps to Android, at least according to TechCrunch, so it’s encouraging to see it finally available on Google Play. It was originally available as a preview version for a few weeks.

Taking Songify for a spin

Of course, I had no choice but to download the Songify app and try it for myself. Not being a fan of the whole ‘auto-tune’ sound, I was hugely skeptical about it and did not think I’d enjoy it. I’d only vaguely heard of Songify on iOS, or perhaps I’d blocked it from my mind, having tired of the whole over-use of ‘auto-tune’ in the past few years.

Well, typically enough, I was entertained and fascinated by the app, just like everyone seems to be. It’s funny, entertaining and silly enough to be a great novelty item, but it’s also one I can imagine returning to time and again. Also, I think it might be especially entertaining to use around kids and family.

More than just recording your speech and playing it back, the app offers a few extra features to keep it ‘sticky.’ Apart from the big round swirl in the middle of the screen which you press to start recording, you are also greeted with three icons at the bottom of the screen. One, which looks like a double rainbow, takes you to the ‘My Songify’ section where you can store all the cool tracks you create or share/delete them. Despite the irritating full-screen ads, it works as expected (the app is free, so the presence of ads was not a surprise). The middle icon is a little cool dude with sunglasses. This takes you to the ‘Song Store’ where you can purchase popular auto-tune songs by artists like The Gregory Brothers (well-known for the auto-tuned “Bed Intruder” song featuring Antoine Dodson) and set your own songs to them. These are purchased with K Coins, and you can get more coins by watching ads or liking things on Facebook. The third icon is a little Washington Nationals-like W which takes you to the ‘Winning’ section. Here you can listen to the top five songs by other users just like you, or browse recently uploaded offerings. Also, you can search for songs from here. It’s great if you’re looking for inspiration, or intrigued by how good other people seem to make things sound!

Extra perks and more!

In addition, there are a few Android-only perks that elevate the app above its iOS rival. These include the ability to turn your song into a ringtone or share it via SMS or Google+. The former already has me worried next time I’m in a quiet, public place.

You’ll need a stable connection to get the best out of Songify and even if your first attempts sound a bit weak, keep trying and make sure you talk loudly and clearly to get the most of it. While you might not end up creating anything quite as impressive as The Gregory Brothers, Songify is still a fun app to play with during a spare moment.

If you want to test drive another popular offering from Smule, Magic Piano Preview is available to download, though it doesn’t work on all devices just yet. Magic Piano turns you into a piano prodigy by allowing you to play songs with your own spin which sound great every time.

All you have to do to become an amateur singer is tap the big record button, read your shopping list out loud, and then hit the button again. Now, your shopping list will be “songified” with the help of speech recognition software and auto-tune. I mean, this isn’t Katy Perry level auto-tune, but it’s enough to be tons of fun. You can re-songify any recording using a huge variety of pre-set songs, although you’ll only have access to four at first. The rest must be purchased using special tokens. You can either purchase these tokens in-app or make use of various paid and free promotions to get them. I feel like they should give you more variety to start with, and personally don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of money for this stuff, but that’s just me.

Of course, a big part of the app is sharing your new pieces of “art” with the world. You can share directly to your Facebook, Twitter, email, and other networks, or you can just upload a song anonymously to the online section of Songify called “Winning!” where people can like and share other songs. The app freezes on me a lot when I try to discard old songs and record new ones, but it wasn’t too bad. Songfiy is completely free and makes use of some obtrusive ads, but I guarantee you that you’ll have some fun with it. Whether you get bored of it in twenty minutes or twenty hours is another matter entirely.

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