Facebook’s private photo-sharing service is the next one conquering users just like the individual Messenger app did before. Went hiking? Had a cool weekend by the lake? Just create a new ’Moment’ and collect together all memories from your friends in one shared album. Moments automatically offers photos from your camera roll to upload and store them on their server. It senses when there are also other people on the picture and encourages the user to tag them. And this is the point where Moments starts to seem quite useful. Besides categorizing photos by detecting similar faces, date and place can also be added and this labeling system makes searching for photos super smart and super quick. Moreover, the pictures can be shared right away with only those who are on them. No more hunting in a hundred pictures for that two that are actually of you.

As it is an app by Facebook of course it is establishing a connection with the social media site. The notification system works similarly to what we are used to from Facebook and slideshows created from memories can be shared directly in our News Feeds.

Unlike WeTransfer or simply mailing photos, Moments is not only for sending, but to share, to organize, to label – in one word: to design a digital album. So why not Google Photos? It offers more or less the same, even the improved label system as well… so why not? The answer is somewhere there where the answer for why not Google+ is. We are all very used to Facebook and its features. Even though so far Moments doesn’t have as much users as it aims to, after a point probably more and more people will turn to it to stay inside the Facebook empire – as it is more comfortable to organize everything through one account. But the main reason is the force of Facebook. The request for downloading Moments already pops up at the top of the News Feed and it is expected that soon it will be reinforced even more and more with other tools as well.


On the positive, Moments lets users to share photos of a common event with the others who were there in a very easy way, without having to mail them. Also, it is capable to free space on the device as it can be used as a backup system. And nagging friends to send the photos they took will be probably over as the app turns photo sharing into a one tap movement and makes it be more fun. The slogan is really apt: ’Get the photos you didn’t take’. The biggest feature of the application is though that it actually evokes old school family albums. With that huge difference that it eliminates the hardness of finding a certain photo and also the problem of forgetting when and where a certain picture was taken. On the other hand, that special atmosphere of turning the old pages, going down on the memory lane and experiencing nostalgia will be probably also lost, but can awaken a different kind of remembering.

All in all, Moments is a creative and fun way to gather together all visual memories though it can’t really offer more than some other photo sharing options. Still, as it belongs to Facebook, it will count a bigger amount of users than any other, but for now it didn’t reach that point. We’re looking forward to see if it will.