This week’s list brings us an all-star line-up of apps from all the big wig developers, including Google and Twitter. Granted some of these apps, like the top app of the week Snapseed, aren’t so big on Android yet, but they surely will be. Snapseed is a cool photo editor with a slick interface, and we’ve also got a photo-based Twitter update to enjoy. Google and Rhapsody both intend to expand your music libraries, and Viddy is a fun way to capture short video clips and beautify them for your favorite social networks.

Viddy (Free)

Viddy is kind of hard to describe. It’s a video editor, but not in the way any filmmaker would find useful. Essentially, it’s the Instagram or Snapseed of the video world, letting you capture moments and artsify them up with color correction, retro filters, and what have you. You can only capture short segments of video, but you can also add some popular songs to them to create a mood, and of course, share your creations with social media. This isn’t meant as a serious editing app, but more as just a fun aside. The app is a bit lackluster technically, however, with a few too many bugs and glitches.

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