What’s angrier than an angry bird? A fire-breathing dragon whose babies have been kidnapped. In Snappy Dragons, evil (and very shortsighted) red wizards have kidnapped a dragon’s offspring and hidden them in a magical landscape. The game’s a red-hot blast of fun, and probably will be a big hit for the holidays with Android owners.

The dragon uses her fireball breath to seek revenge and save the kids. Like Angry Birds, you fling with your finger, trying to kill the wizards inside increasingly challenging puzzles. The landscape puzzles steal the concepts of Angry Birds, but maintain originality with new ideas and stay true to the fantasy setting of the game including floating rocks, levitating walls, misty lakes and so on. The fireballs do comically massive damage and will blow up mountains, burn trees and fry wizards.

Another winning similarity to Angry Birds is the great detail. Wizards can be wounded if not directly hit, causing them to lose their wizard hats and gain a black eye. Dragon babies wear helmets to protect them from the first blast of fire, but not a second. And, the sound effects add humor when wizards plop into a lake or a mountain explodes.

The challenges become harder at a logical pace, and with perseverance you can unlock new levels and new dragons with special powers other than fire breath. All in all, it’s addictive and will provide a much-needed break during any overdose of family gatherings during the holidays.