Looking to be a cut above the dozens of Twitter apps on the market, OneLouder’s Friendcaster, Slices attempts to differentiate itself from the competition with a well-designed UI and loads of tools for social network power users.

Along with tools Twitter users are familiar with (search, reply and direct messages) Slices main draw is the ability to let users create custom categories, or ‘Slices.’ Slices lets you group together users for easy browsing, similar to the Circles on Google+. It’s not at all groundbreaking, but it makes scrolling through your Twitter feed much more manageable, especially if you have tons of followers. The app even automatically categorizes Slices based on tweets.

Across the banner lies quick shortcuts to your tailored Slices, new tweets, mentions, direct messages, notifications and the ability to post a tweet. It may sound over-populated but thanks to the slick Holo-themed format, the layout is uncluttered and intuitive to use. It seems the developers followed Android’s UI guidelines to the letter. Unfortunately there’s a banner ad at the bottom of the application, though it’s a minor nuisance.

Another great feature of Slices is its content discovery capability. The ‘Slices Explore’ option let’s you browse through categories such as news, local, humor, sport, music and other interests. This feature is separate from Slices and is meant to help you discover new users to follow.

Bottom line, Slices is among the top Twitter apps on Google Play. The only drawback facing the app is its lack of tablet support and minor bugs and crashes. Overall, these minor setbacks are easily overlooked thanks in part to great content discovery and user-generated Slices.

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