Skype on Android across the world

As Android becomes a more prominent mobile platform, more parties show their support. A new deal with Japanese wireless provider KDDI puts Skype in the hands of more mobile users, for the IS01 and IS03 Android devices. Skype just launched an official Android app earlier this month, so it looks like the VoIP service is aggressively approaching an IPO.

Verizon expands business tools to Android

U.S. carrier Verizon (VZ) is improving its Android interface as well, with an update to its Field Force Manager. Now supporting Android smartphones, the app lets you manage your entire team, viewing their time cards, location and messages.

From a carrier perspective, this is a tool aimed at businesses, encouraging a series of Android devices to be bundled for that team’s purpose. This is the latest in a string of business-related marketing campaigns from Verizon, which also includes some promos for business iPad users.

Angry Birds and action figures

Angry Birds, which was released from beta late last week, saw huge success in its first 48 hours on the Android Market. Two million downloads in two days is a precedent for Android mobile gaming, and is highly encouraging to game developers everywhere. Meanwhile, in Korea, Android is reaching a cult-like status, with a series of action figures emerging on the scene. They’re cute, and feisty too!