Fortunately, there a few great Android apps out there designed to help you keep up with everything you need to know about fertility, health, pregnancy or infant care. Whether you or your partner is already pregnant, or you’re just beginning to try and start a family, here are a few apps that you may find helpful as you make preparations to become a parent.

WomanLog Pro Calendar ($2.86)

Trying to figure out when you’re ovulating? Toss out that thermometer and give WomanLog Pro Calendar a try, instead. Just type in a little bit of information (namely, the first date of your last period) and the app will forecast the dates when you’re fertile, when your period will end and when the next one will start. If you’d prefer that your personal business remain that way, this app is protected with a password just in case your phone is lost or stolen.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro ($2.99)

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro is kind of the mother of all pregnancy apps (see what we did there?). It’s an all around comprehensive app that educates you on what’s happening inside your body, allows you to log your experiences and then even share the most special moments of your pregnancy with friends and family.

The app shows you what’s developing inside your abdomen by the day or week and you can even check out what kind of side effects you might experience during these periods. BabyBump Pro also functions as a journal, allowing the user to track weight or waist measurements, track moods, energy, cravings or morning sickness. Later in your pregnancy, you can also use the app to count kicks, track contractions or create a birth plan.

You can also use the app to come up with a name for your child, ask other moms to be questions on the forums or use the countdown widget to see how many days you have until your due date.

Baby ESP ($4.99)

Eating, nursing, pooping, bathing, sleeping. Ah, the day in the life of an infant. Baby ESP is designed to keep track of when baby last did any of the above listed activities (and more) so that you can begin developing behavior patterns and then start developing a schedule. You can also use the app to set various reminders for yourself.

Infant Care and Feeding ($2.99)

Infant Care and Feeding is an app that has been designed by a pediatrician with first-time mothers in mind. The app teaches you everything you need to know about breastfeeding. The app includes different ways to support your child, alerts you when it’s time to feed baby and calculates of the amount of time that should pass between each feeding. Dirty and wet diapers are also tracked by the app in order to give overall input/output for the baby. Infant Care and Feeding is able to keep tabs on multiple babies at once.

White Noise ($1.99)

Trying to get the baby to sleep? Why not soothe them him or her with a little natural lullaby? White Noise has over 40 different ambient noises, including rain (both light and heavy), ocean waves, cats purring, crickets or various different “shades” of noise (white, brown, violet, pink, etc). The lite version of this app, which includes just 10 sounds, is available in the Android Market for free.

Baby Monitor & Alarm ($3.38)

Baby monitors are helpful to have around the house, but you can’t take them everywhere you go. That’s where Baby Monitor & Alarm comes in. Whether you’re in the next room or the next county, you can listen-in on your sleeping baby. You can also set the monitor to play a recording of your voice if the baby starts to stir. Because the app tracks what happens during the night, you can find out exactly how long your child was sleeping and how long he/she made noise.