Sing! Karaoke by Smule

singkaraokeSing! Karaoke by Smule is a community-based Android karaoke app allowing you to team up with fellow singers from all around the world to sing duets and group songs. Thanks to featured artists like Jason Derulo and Jessie J, you can get a taste of what it feels like to sing with a pop star, or you can carve out your own path and go completely solo. Record your performances, use stylish video filters, take advantage of Sing!’s unique voice enhancement technology, and, most importantly, share your videos with a community of 50 plus million singers to get discovered and to grow a loyal and supporting fan base!

The Voice: On Stage – Sing!


Sing today’s biggest chart-topping hits as if you were on stage on The Voice, arguably the most renowned and most watched singing talent show in the world! Start stylin’ with tens of pro-level audio effects including auto-tune, record your own music videos, and publish your performances on the StarMaker community to turn chairs and heads with the way you sing your heart out as if you were prime Janis Joplin. Check it out.

Karaoke Sing & Record

karaokesing2Karaoke Sing & Record makes use of YouTube’s Meat Loaf-sized song database to bring you a basically endless library of songs covering a wide range of genres, allowing you to sing the song that matches your current mood in any language. Record your performances, let the app’s built-in auto-enhance work its magic, and add as many voice effects as you like to spruce up your singing with a dash of studio vibe.

Karaoke Online: Sing & Record


Before you’d make any ill-advised assumptions, no, we’re not repeating ourselves like a gospel singer reaching the apex of their performance, it’s just that the studios putting out karaoke apps seem to be severely lacking in the creativity department as it pertains to choosing a title for their apps. No offense, though. As for what Karaoke Online: Sing & Record has to offer, there’s not much new under the karaoke Sun: an all-encompassing, YouTube-based database of songs, high-quality recording, plenty of voice-enhancing options, and last not least the ability to share your performance with singers from all over the globe.

SingPlay: Karaoke you MP3s


With SingPlay, you can turn any song found in your own music collection into a karaoke track faster than Freddie Mercury could spellbind a crowd with his charisma and unmatchable vocals. SingPlay automatically converts MP3s stored on your device into karaoke-ready pieces in real-time without compromising a modicum of quality, while also allowing you to easily record your performances and fine-tune your sound with a variety of volume and voice controls. The best thing about SingPlay is that comes equipped with two equally awesome singing modes, Original and Karaoke. The former keeps the vocals of the original song, while the latter does the exact opposite, as it gets rid of the vocals, bringing you the instrumental version of the chosen track.