In a world where it’s no longer a question of whether or not you have some kind of social networking account, but of just how many you have, AnyPost is an app that allows you to simplify these social networking experiences.

AnyPost is a client app for the Ping.FM service that allows you to update more than 30 social networks simultaneously. The mega-list of all the supported social networks includes every obvious guy you can think of: Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, WordPress, Skype and Tumblr. But there were lots that I’d never heard of before. In other words, it seems like AnyPost has all its bases covered.

To get started, first register an account with Ping.FM if you don’t have one already. Then, sift through the list and choose which social networking sites you belong to.

After you have customized your account, the app will request your Ping.FM mobile key, which works like a password. From here, you can start posting status updates and photos to all your networks, or just selected ones.

I was impressed with how intuitive this app was; It’s very easy to use. The app’s screen has just two tabs: “Dashboard” and “Recent Posts.” In the “Dashboard” section, specify which networks you’d like to update in the drop-down menu, type in your status update and then click “Ping it!” to send. There’s a feature here that allows you to add photos, if you like. “Recent posts” is the chronological listing of your most recent updates.

AnyPost has a very sleek and simple design. It’s also very effective and accomplishes exactly what it set out to do. Everything I “pinged” showed up exactly where it was supposed to, as if I had actually posted it on Twitter or Facebook.

This is a great way to limit the time you spend hopping from website to website (or app to app) on your Android phone.