Simplest way to “Root” and Backup a DroidX

Feb 5, 2011

I just get a kick out of seeing how things work ( what makes them tick ) and then putting it back together; maybe even improving it.
Even though “rooting” is discouraged by carriers, Google developers encourage it.
In this list of apps, and how to use them, hopefully you will find the simplest way yet to “root” without failure. Also to increase the versatility of your phone outside of the carriers ” pay for monthly” features that should be standard with a smart-phone and unlimited data use!
(Go into settings: applications: check “unknown sourses”. Open “development” next and check USB debugging)

1. load the app”Z4 root” run permanent root
2. load the app “drop box” and set up the free account on your PC too.
3. Make sure you have the other 2 apps that usually load with Z4, “Busy box” and “Superuser”. Open both; grant full access.
4. Load the app “titanium backup pro”. make sure in its main menu it reads: “root access: OK busy box”, and “Dropbox Yes”.
5. Using “Titanium pro”, backup your device and sync to your Dropbox account.
6. Now you can prune any carrier/ app from your phone :). And add any app that is for “root users only” (and tether, and Wi-Fi free) Enjoy!


to “root” your phone


BusyBox Pro

helps run and organize “root only” apps



to adminisrate/ allow access to root apps. running on your phone



to help store backups and other files to someplace other than your phone


Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root

Purchase this for fast and easy backup to micrSD or Dropbox; as well as delete any unwanted app!


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