Current event coverage, from the Oscars to the Sundance Film Festival to this year’s X Games, dominates this week’s list of app. However, our top app, Simple,  is much less exciting yet more  useful in your daily life, making banking and budgeting a breeze. Finally, we’ve got a novel new car locator app named after a certain Ashton Kutcher and Seann William Scott vehicle from back in the day.

Simple (Free)

I decided to start this list off with something a bit more useful and practical, despite being less glamorous than the apps below. Simple is about the all-too-boring but incredibly necessary task of money management and budgeting. Using Simple you can check all of your transactions, know how much you can afford to spend with Safe-to-Spend, set memos for yourself, and even find the nearest ATM in a pinch. The interface is well-designed and easy-to-use, and the Android version is just as good as the iOS version. This is a great way to bank.

Oscars (Free)

Ah, the Oscars. Nothing says prestige like the grand, spectacular, somewhat pretentious and elitist but still pretty awesome Academy Awards. Well, this year’s awards are almost one month away, in fact, on February 24th, so why not prepare for the occasion with this fun app? The app lets you look up all the nominees for various categories and read up on their history or other interesting tidbits. You can also make your Oscar predictions and share them with friends. Just make sure to have the app handy on Oscar Sunday so you can enjoy a little ‘second screen’ experience.

Sundance Film Festival 2013 (Free)

Speaking of pretension, when was the last time you sat down with a good indie flick? Do you enjoy movies with a little less money and a little more…heart? I joke, but I actually do tend to follow indie scenes in general, pretense and all, and one of the biggest events for indie movies is the Sundance Film Festival, currently in progress. This is similar to the Oscars app in that it lets you watch trailers and interviews about the various featured movies, reading up on them a bit too. But, since this is an event that normal, unimportant humans like you or I can attend, it’s also a handy pocket guide with all the schedules, maps, shuttle information, and so on.

Dude, Where’s My Car? ($2.99)

Despite sharing its name with the wonderfully ridiculous and completely insipid movie that I’ve seen way too many times, this app is just all around useful. It’s the latest in a long line of car location apps, for all of us with poor short term memory or a bad sense of direction. This app stands out with a ton of cool features. You can take pictures of the surrounding landmarks to help identify the area, share your spot with friends and family, and even set reminders for yourself if you’re parked at a meter or a garage, saving yourself some money. There is a free version of the app as well.

ESPN X Games (Free)

Last, but certainly not least, we get to an app for all of you sports fans. Specifically, Extreme Sports fans. ESPN has released this official X Games app so you can follow the six main events of 2013. It has all the features you would expect: video highlights, news, schedules, athlete information, brackets, constantly updated results, and so on. The app is generally well-made and a must-have for any fan planning to fully follow the events. The app is kind of slow and drains your battery, but you might as well download it now. X Games Aspen 2013 is going on as you read this!

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