Aldiko allow you to sideload your files and read them along with any books you purchase from them. It’s just one more of the many ways Android keeps things open – and up to you.

Sideloading an ebook into Aldiko: Epub files only

Do this:

  1. Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB. Make sure your connection indicates “Mount as Disk Drive.”
  2. Open the root file of your SD card. You will see a folder called “ebooks.” Open it.
  3. If there is not already a subfolder called “import,” you will need to create one. Now open it.
  4. Find your ebook files on your computer. They must have the “.epub” file extension to work in Aldiko. If your files are not epubs, you can use a program to convert them. (See below.)
  5. When your ebook files are in the “import” folder, safely eject your phone from your computer.
  6. Open the Aldiko app. Press “menu” to bring up the bottom bar, and select “Import.”
  7. Aldiko will scan the import folder you created and will bring any epub files you’ve placed into your library.
  8. Your ebooks are on your bookshelf and ready to read!

The next time you want to sideload ebooks into Aldiko, don’t fret if your import folder has disappeared. When you import the books, they move to a different part of the database. Just make a new import folder and start again.

Aldiko is great for sideloading because the reading interface is very user-friendly. Even Android apps have their limitations, and one of them is file type. Aldiko and several other ereader apps can only read certain types of files. The most universal format is called epub. A third-party program called Calibre can quickly and easily convert files for you, including PDFs, PDBs, RTFs, TXTs, and even those MOBI files you might have left over from your Palm days.

Happy reading!