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Feb 24, 2017

With current mobile technology rapidly changing the landscape of how things are done, the shopping experience is no different than others which have been disrupted by the realm of mobile apps. For example, the way customers shop or gather information about products are being changed by mobile shopping apps where an extensive variety of tasks ranging from product comparisons, price comparisons, reviews, downloading mobile coupons, and checking for in-store product availability can be done in a matter of seconds right from the phone either in a dedicated app or on the internet browser. As the use of mobile devices continues to grow at a drastic rate, mobile shopping apps now provides an opportunity for businesses to secure new customers while simultaneously increasing customer interaction. With this trend in mobile shopping, the Shopbolt app creates a more reliable and convenient way of shopping for goods online in the form of a simple chat interface.

The app provides a platform whereby prices of products can be compared to retailers or brands giving shoppers an idea about best products at the cheapest prices. This is all done automatically by the app with limited input from the user. All that is required is for the user to enter in what they are looking for while they go with their regular activities. Once the app has had enough time to process the request, users will then have access to the best prices before making their purchase. Furthermore, there are no limits as to what can be searched for using Shopbolt. From shoes, foods, and even phone accessories, anything that can be purchased online can be searched for using the app in order to create a convenient shopping experience.

In the form of a mobile app, Shopbolt makes the shopping experience more humanized as it aims to replicate a personal sales assistant for any purchase.

In the form of a mobile app, Shopbolt makes the shopping experience more humanized as it aims to replicate a personal sales assistant for any purchase. Users simply talk to the app through a chat that is similar to most social media messenger apps in order to inquire about various products. Ultimately, the app saves users time and stress from having to search for the cheapest deals with the shopping advice and price comparisons made by the app. Furthermore, Shopbolt will search for deals with coupons, discounts, and even free shipping while users can track their conversations, orders, packages, and past orders.

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However, as the process involves an actual people instead of automated chat bots, responses typically take longer to process. This cost is matched with the ability to get personalized, real, and accurate responses instead of chat bots which are often inaccurate in their replies as they have preloaded messages. In that Shopbolt has real people doing the research and comparisons, users are able to get exactly what they are looking for more accurately which other apps are not able to replicate.

In creating a shopping experience that resembles having a personalized sales assistant, Shopbolt is likely to disrupt how online shopping is currently done. From finding the right product to the best deals, the app is designed for ease of use through employing a chat bot to enhance the entire shopping process.

Developer: SYW
Price: Free
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