I know… you can easily jot down on Facebook or Twitter which movie you’re really digging, but Miso makes it just a bit easier by giving you the option of searching its database and choosing the relevant entry. All this works in a very straightforward manner, either from the app on your phone or even via Miso’s web site. Miso also gives you the opportunity to share your updates via a variety of other social networks, making sure your friends are aware of what you’re watching.

Miso has been working hard, and released several new features across both the app and the web site. It allows you to not just check-in for a specific show, but even choose the correct episode. With this, Miso will display valuable information about that episode, giving you and your followers some more background on the episode you’re viewing.

However, although I like how Miso has entered the game and filled its app with a lot of features, I’m abandoning it because I just don’t need another social network to maintain and follow. I’ll just use my standard Twitter account to share with friends and family what show I’m watching, but TV addicts and fanatics may still find the app very handy.