Keeping tabs on your wandering significant other and wild kids just got a whole lot easier. The free Glympse app for Android allows you to safely send location updates to anyone with a cell phone. You can share timed location updates through text, email, Facebook and Twitter. The location-tracking app allows you to set a specific time period for the location service to expire so people can’t track you all day long, just when you want them too. Your Android keeps a reminder in the toolbar that you have a Glympse and counts-down the time period remaining.

I imagine this would be perfect for folks who want to track their children at a large amusement park or even when out for hikes in the woods. Looking for your wife who wandered off into a huge mall on the hunt for shoes? Send her a Glympse of where you are so she can find you.

It’s genius really, pure parenting dominance. Thank about it… when your 16-year-old calls you to say they are staying with a friend overnight, ask them to prove it with a Glympse. Husband says he is working late. Oh really? Send me a Glympse!

It’s really easy to use. The updated Android app also has a “Bump” type feature called “Tap-n-Track” for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) that allows you to tap phones with another user to exchange an instant Glympse notification for the time period you choose.

For me, the Glympse app worked effortlessly and offers a function that I didn’t realize I couldn’t live without, until now.