Shadow Ink provides you the opportunity to make comic strips and memes without having to learn to draw. The app provides you easily recognizable characters from the current public scene, from Satan to through young startup leader to aggressive Asian dictator.

The app allows you to add conversation bubbles, texts and titles. You can also add different background to the blocks of the comic strips. You can do a basic editing on your pics, you can make your characters smaller or bigger for instance – and with a few minutes of practicing you can disguise yourself as a professional cartoonist.

Shadow Ink is an extremely good tool to pimp up your blog or Facebook page. The characters are easy to identify and your message is told in a velar, fast, social-media optimized way. A picture can tell one thousands of words – and to Shadow Ink you can also add a text.

The application has a clear, and well usable interface, about which the creators say “It can be used by a five years old”. This is the most important feature of the app, since it allows you to respond the latest memes, tell your opinion and share your ideas easily even from a touch screen. Unlike other, web-based applications and meme creating engines, this app was not designed to be used from a desktop machine – so you will clearly have the control on your work even from the smallest screen.

It is not only the app itself which was designed to fit well to the phone’s screen. The comics are also optimized to the size of portable devices, so you can avoid the problem of annoyingly small letters on your pics when viewed from a mobile browser.

Good news is that the app is constantly being developed: new characters and features are added regularly, enabling you to react immediately on “What’s hot”. Not only the motives are updated, the team works on the optimization of the app as well. Several bugs are fixed, and, to the top of all, even memory usage was optimized – which is vital when you wish to use a visual app on a low-cost device.

Of course, this application will not turn you a blogger unless you have some general clues about world politics, but in case you are careful about what you are saying, it is an excellent help in visualizing your ideas.

Although Shadow Ink does not identify its characters as “Trump” or “Zuckerberg” (It uses “TheDam” or “Zuck-Zuck” instead, it is worth keeping in mind, that some of your viewers might find your strips offending. Therefore, it is worth using this app with care and only in cases where it is appropriate – so it is not recommended to share your comic on your corporate page for instance. It is also worth keeping in mind that the app contains some religious characters, so it is worth being mindful about the audience.
All in all, when used with care, this tiny application is an excellent mate in having fun a providing fun for others in a clever way. If you feel responsible enough to post actual, even political memes and comics on your surfaces, this is a very good choice.