Every sitcom will eventually jump the shark, and if social networks had an equivalent, Facebook would be the pop icon on the verge of compromising its mainstream appeal. The tech savvy user is always on the hunt for the next big thing, and the arrival of our grandparents’ generation on the world’s most popular social network has signaled the inevitable exodus from Facebook. If you’ve grown weary of Facebook’s bloated social graph and undying attempts to force ads disguised as friendships, these Android apps just may renew your faith in social media. Whether you’re looking for the next fad or seeking refuge from living out loud, there’s fresh options from newbies and old classics alike.

Skype (Free)

You can’t download Skype to a Chromebook netbook, but you can log onto Facebook and chat through Skype’s integrated channel. Since becoming partners, Facebook and Skype have had the mutual benefit of shared users, which gives you an extremely easy way to connect with friends on an even more personal level — voice and video chats. Why scroll through Facebook updates when you can have a face-to-face conversation, right now? Facebook has become the ultimate way to stay connected to society while keeping it at arm’s length, but you can escape the paradox by rekindling one of our oldest forms of communication: speech.

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