Boston parents won’t have to stand in line to check out all their Christmas toys for their good girls and boys this year. Magic Beans, a toy and baby gear store in Boston, has launched the free Magic Beans app that allows parents to scan items as they shop throughout the store, including self-checkout ability.

Parents can use the app to get product information, access customer reviews, receive exclusive discounts, and enjoy the convenience of checking themselves out, all on their Android phone. Now, I don’t live in Boston, so under full disclosure I wasn’t able to actually shop with the app. I did download it, and spent some time playing around with it. The design is intuitive and visually appealing. You simply scan the barcode of the item, and add it to your shopping cart.

The Magic Beans app also saves your receipts – a handy function for returning items. You won’t have to dig through your purse or pockets to find a hard-copy receipt. And, right now, if you use the app, you have a chance to win your entire shopping cart for 99 cents!

The app is powered by AisleBuyer, which essentially means more stores could be launching this near you, and available on both Android and iPhone.