Scrobble Droid is a handy little app for those of you who enjoy keeping track of the music you listen to on your device. This app works directly with the music app that comes standard on your Android device.

Basically this app works in the background with your account to make sure that once you finish a song your account will be updated with information stating that you’ve listened to it. This can be good to show your friends on what you’ve been listening to or to keep track of the music that you’ve been listening to online.

When using this app we ran into some issues. We weren’t actually able to get it to scrobble the music we played through unfortunately as nothing showed up directly on our account nor did it say anything about scrobbling a song in the status area of the app. We don’t doubt that part of this may have been caused by our stupidity, but after three attempts we gave up.

The interface to this app is simple and just works in the background. Again, this is more of a utility then an actually app, but for those of you who are committed to your account, this is really going to make the difference in how you enjoy listening to music on your Android device.