This type of network naturally lends itself to cross-promotion for game apps, which can be useful for Android developers.  There aren’t many tools like this for Android users, and most game-specific networks are limited to a select gaming catalog, usually the one offered by the network itself.

Scoreloop already has a universal network that many Android games utilize for leader boards and social sharing, so the launch of the app extends additional tools and features for developers and users alike. When I asked CEO Marc Gumpinger why Scoreloop is launching a stand-alone app at this point, he responded with the following;

“While Apple has Game Center, there is no such thing on Android. We’re already #1 on Android with millions of users actively using our social gaming features. Market demand was so strong  on Android that we now provide the de-facto standard Game Center-like app on Android.

With its Facebook-like friend feed that shows what your friends are playing, the Scoreloop App for Android provides end-users with a fun and free way to stay in touch with their friends in a playful way. In a world of thousands of games, it also provides end-users an effective means to find other games they might like. For developers, the Scoreloop App provides a simple way to cross promote their games – for free.”

Extending the social developer kit

The new version of the Scoreloop SDK is the way in which developers will be able to take advantage of these new features, in an effort to increase engagement between users and encourage in-game currencies and virtual goods.  This is a major area of growth and opportunity, as Millennial Media has pointed out in its July SMART report–games still rank high in the mobile world of revenue-generation.

Launch partners implementing these social discovery features within their games include Boolba Labs, Goodteam Lab, and HyperBees Ltd. and JiuzhangTech.