Soccer has become one of my family’s favorite sports. All the boys play and we try to catch as many matches on TV as we can. Here are some cool soccer games for Android, so get on your cleats, pull out your Android, and let’s see if we can score.

Top Eleven is a social, team management game that has been very popular on Facebook. To play this game, you will need to log-in in with your Facebook account. For new players, the game begins with a tutorial to cover the basics. This is a game for those who like the strategy and the details involved in managing a soccer team.

As this game is free and based on Facebook, there is a huge social aspect to the game, as well as in app purchases. In the game you will create your own soccer team and play against friends and other players in leagues, cups, champion leagues or friendly matches. The games that are played are scheduled which will allow you to manage and deal with your time on the “off days.” Things you will need to deal with include injuries, retirements, morale, player rest, salaries, contracts and much more. This really is a very complex and deep game.