I scream, Google screams

Google’s (GOOG) chief executive had a lot to say about Android, sharing future goals for the platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Dropping more hints about the next dessert-named OS version, Schmidt explains that the upcoming Ice Cream platform will combine the current Gingerbread release for smartphones with Honeycomb 3.0 for tablets.

Finishing of fragmentation

Few details have been given around Ice Cream’s specifics, though one can only guess at its binding potential. Surely, it will have an impact on the devices built around Android’s OS, which are still quite varied, even in the emerging tablet sector. Bloomberg says Android had a certain “omnipresence” at this year’s MWC, with Motorola (MMI), Samsung (005930.KS), LG and HTC (2498.TW) all touting their Android-powered devices. Bloomberg goes on to note Schmidt’s comments around these disparate devices, quoting, “As more devices move onto Google’s latest iteration of Android — Gingerbread — fragmentation will be less of an issue.”

Fragmentation is an issue some cloud services are addressing from an enterprise standpoint, as VMware announced its mobile virtualization capabilities for Android. The product will enable a company to let their employees use their own Android devices for work purposes, isolating personal apps from the corporate ones, to reduce security issues. It’s a move that will drive enterprise adoption of Android devices, and allow employees to work smarter, and with more flexibility.